Title: Grimm Alphabet
Format: hardcover 21 x 29 cm
Author: Matteo Bertaccini
Pages: 48
Published: 2022
ISBN : 9781234567897
Age: 9+ years
Price: 18 euro



Grimm Alphabet.

One morning when they woke up, brothers Jacob and Wilhem found themselves transformed into two large birds. It was winter. The snow was deep. They had to fly to get wood. After they had collected and loaded it, they did not go straight home because they were frostbitten and wanted to build a fire and warm themselves a little. So they scraped away the snow with their little paws and, moving the ground, found a golden key. They thought that where there was a key there must also be a lock, and digging into the ground they found an iron box. Inside the box they travelled in search of the enchanted worlds.The real game is to find the transformed Brothers Grimm hidden among the fairy tales.Meta – book that encourages the viewer to sharpen his or her eyesight.