Title: Quijote
Format: hardcover 30 x 25 cm
Author: Bruno Angelo
Pages: 96
Published: 2021
ISBN : 97912280550033
Age: 9+ years
Price: 25 euro
Right: available to all languages
Titolo: Quijote
Autore: Miguel de Cervantes
Testi: Angelo Bruno
Illustrattore: Angelo Bruno
Editore: Ideestortepaper
Lingua: italiano, spagnolo, inglese, francese
Genere: Albo illustrato cartonato
Età:9-99 anni
Pagine: 96



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Quijote is the transfiguration of the great Don Quixote. The book is actually a homage to the history of literature. The visual game consists of discovering which books we can recognise and, above all, remember. The hallucinated Hidalgo makes a journey through the folds of the protagonist’s mind. A book not a book with a strongly Borgesian style. The explosion of colours contrasts with the absolute black and white that Gustave Doré’s genius has marked over the last hundred years. The real – unreal borderline is strongly exaggerated in the tone and structure of the book.