Fantastic Botany


Title: Fantastic Botany
Format: hardcover 23 x 32,5 cm
Author: Rosa Lombardo, Nina Melan, Angelo Bruno
Pages: 80
Published: 2020
ISBN : 9788894488654
Age: 9+  years
Price: 22 euro
Right: available to all languages


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It seems that Ficta Plant, the author of the herbarium, full of anecdotes and secret uses of plants, went to the Botanical Garden of Palermo, and decided to watercolour all the plates with her own tears, after the cutting off of the literary criticism of the time – we are talking about 1789. According to this crooked atlas there are actually four continents: Eurerica, Asieania, Ofrica and Aeropa and there are regions such as Precaria, Portogiallo and Bacio. Unfortunately, however, it seems that no one was aware of Ficta’s absolute blindness: only her husband was aware of it, who confessed it after the death of the author herself. A four-hand book that gives the most curious readers a world of flora with a thousand bizarre levels of analysis.